Will Rogers Beach Bike Path

The Will Rogers Beach portion of the bike path runs along the ocean from Pacific Coast Hwy and Temescal Canyon to just past Ocean Way in Santa Monica. The parking area for Will Rogers State Beach has multiple parking lots to the North and South of the entrance. The fee during summer to park is $15.00. Free Parking is also available on Temescal Canyon if you want to ride down to the beach. The only parking restriction is no parking between 10 pm and 5 am.

Will Rogers to Santa Monica - First Hill
Will Rogers to Santa Monica - First Hill

Will Rogers State Beach Bike Path
Will Rogers State Beach Bike Path Through Parking Lots

There are some concessions sparsely located next to the parking lots at the beach as well as rest rooms. Most of the path is nice, ocean views with alot of sand. This part of the path is breezy when travelling South, but on the way back up North, it can be a tough climb against a strong head wind. Be prepared for it or if you don't think you want to end your ride pushing your bike against the wind, park in Santa Monica.

Will Rogers Bike Path

The path takes you past many sections of open sand and ocean. Most people on the path this far North will be joggers, rollerbladers, or other cyclists. Very little pedestian, beach goer traffic through this section. Watch out for sand though. It tends to get blown onto the path and can make it slick.

End of Will Rogers Beach Path Section
End of Will Rogers Section of Beach Path at Santa Monica

You will be able to tell once you have hit the Santa Monica Section of the Beach Bike Path as there is now a Green LA City sign that tells you that you have entered Santa Monica. The path will also be busier and more pedestrian traffic will be present. In the picture above, the aforementioned sign is the green one on the pole where the bicycle is parked.


Santa Monica Bike Path Map

The Will Rogers Beach Bike Path portion may be accessed from any lot if you parked at the Will Rogers State Beach. South of this location, you could access it from PCH, but you will have to get your bike over a short fence and walk through some sea grass to get down to it.


Will Rogers State Beach Bike Path


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