Venice Beach Skate Park

The Venice Beach Skate Park is located at the Venice Beach Recreation Center in Windward Plaza Park at 1800 Ocean Front Walk in Venice. It is 16000 square feet of concrete formed into 2 bowls, a snake, an Street Section with Stair Sets and a Bank. It is located at the edge of Windward Plaza on the beach with great ocean views and is free to the public. There are railings all along the top of the bowls and snake to watch the skaters.

Skateboarder at Venice
Protective Gear? What Protective Gear?

Only skateboarders are allowed to use the facilities. No BMX, Scooters or bicycles are allowed in skate plaza. Everyone must wear protective gear: helmets, elbowpads, kneepads. No other unauthorized obstacles or apparatus are allowed. No glass, no graffiti, no tagging, no stickers, no smoking, no alcohol and no drug use allowed at the park. No skateboarding when it is wet and no food or beverages allowed. All spectators and animals must remain out of the skate area.

 Venice Skate Park Rider


Venice Beach Skate Park


Video of the Skate Park 1/25/2013



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