San Pedro - L.A. Waterfront

The L.A. Waterfront in San Pedro is located along the harbor channel from Angels Gate Lighthouse up to Wilmington, North of Banning's Landing. A good place to park and enjoy the waterfront is along Harbor Blvd in San Pedro. There are numerous free parking spaces located in this area near Ports O Call along Harbor Blvd. This provides easy access to the Red Car Electric Trolley train which can take you from the Marina Station at 22nd Street up to the World Cruise Center, with stops at Port O Call Village and the Downtown Station at 6th Street, and back for a $1.00 All Day - Unlimited Ride Fare. The Trolley Car Train operates from 12 pm - 9:30 pm daily, so be sure to plan accordingly if you use it. While down at the LA Waterfront, a couple of spots to visit are the L.A. Maritime Museum, Ports O' Call Village, and the Battleship IOWA and the U.S. Merchant Marine Liberty ship S.S. Lane Victory. The Trolley route does not go far enough South to get you to the S.S. Lane Victory, so you will need a car for that stop and tour.

Red Car Trolley
San Pedro Red Car Trolley

LA Maritime Museum - The museum is located at Harbor Blvd. and 6th Street and adjacent to the North end of Ports O' Call village. There is a $3 admission donation at the front. If you like ships, boating, or sailing, this place will have something for you. The Angel's Gate Lighthouse Lens is on display here and the museum houses various exhibits of model sailing ships, battleships, and a history of the San Pedro Fishing and Canning industries. Be sure to check out the K6AA Ham Radio Room operated by the United Radio Amateur Club that is located on the 2nd floor and the views of the harbor from the windows upstairs.

LA Maritime Museum Exterior
LA Maritime Museum Exterior

LA Maritime Museum Model of Sailing Ship
Tall Model of Sailing Ship & History

Exhibit of History of Fishing & Canning Industries
Exhibit of History of Fishing & Canning Industries

Ports O'Call - A great place to come if you are in the mood for seafood by the waterfront. There are many restaurants located here ready to serve fish, shrimp, crab, calamari, clam chowder, sushi, or fish tacos and more. The food can be a little on the pricey side, but the free parking makes up for it. The view of the boats and ships passing in and out of the harbor is not to be missed. Just be sure to come down early on weekends as the lots can fill up fast. There are many gift shops and stand-along vendors outdoors if you are looking for trinkets, clothes, and souvenirs to take home from the L.A. Waterfront. Spirit Cruises operates out of San Pedro harbor and offers 1 hour harbor tours for $15 for an adult ticket. Spirit also offer Dinner Cruises throughout the year and 2 hour Whale Watching tours from December to March.

Ports O' Call
Ports O' Call

Shopping at Ports O' Call
Casual Shopping at Ports O' Call

L.A. Waterfront from the S.S. Lane Victory
View of the L.A. Waterfront from the S.S. Lane Victory

Battleships - The L.A. Waterfront is home to 2 battleships: the U.S.S. Iowa and the S.S. Lane Victory. The U.S.S. Iowa is located near the L.A. Maritime Museum and is adjacent to the World Cruise Center. As visible in the picture below, the Red Trolley can take you directly to the Battleship Iowa for the tour. This tour currently costs $18 for 1 adult ticket - a map is provided and signs visible everywhere to guide you. The S.S. Lane Victory is located on the opposite side of the Cabrillo Marina near the East Channel - follow S. Harbor Blvd. to Miner Street. Signs leading you to the large parking lot are clearly visible as is the ship. This tour is not accessible by the Red Trolley, so you will need to drive there. A photo ID is required upon boarding the ship and $5.00 to pay for a self guided tour complete with a map of the ship and visitor pass that must be returned upon leaving the ship. On both vessels, you will find plenty of volunteers with detailed knowledge about how each area of the ship works and the history of each vessel.

USS IOWA View with Red Trolley


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