Playa Del Rey Beach Bike Path

The Playa Del Rey (Dockweiler) portion of the bike path starts at the Ballona Creek Bridge. To get to the bridge from Marina Del Rey, you can start from Fisherman's Village on Fiji Way where there is plenty of parking if you are driving to the area. Parking is $1.00 for 20 minutes or $13.00 for all day. The parking lot at Fisherman's Village is cash only, but there is an ATM in the village should you forget to bring cash. To get to the bike path from Fisherman's Village, head toward the end of Fiji Way past Whiskey Red's and the LA County Sheriff's Dept and head right down the paved path towards Ballona Creek. Head right at the creek to continue on the Beach Bike Path to the bridge and Playa Del Rey.

Ballona Creek Sign
Ballona Creek Sign

Closure of Section of Bike Path at Dockweiler Beach (Fixed) In January 2016, a 140 foot section of the bike path is closed near LAX at Dockweiler Beach. To avoid it, you can catch Marine Avenue which connects the Dockweiler parking lots. If you are coming from the North, you can access it from the service yard near the 1st parking lot. If you are coming from the South, you can get to Marine Avenue from the Dockweiler Picnic area and parking lot. For those who travel this part of the bike path in winter, you will recognize this section as usually being covered in several inches of wet sand and broken sea shells after heavy surf combined with high tides and\or rain. The path was repaired in November 2016.

Closed Dockweiler Beach Path Section
Closed Dockweiler Beach Path Section

As you get to the bridge, you can catch a great view of the start of the ride down the coast at Playa Del Rey. The view of the jetty along the creek and path as it curves to the beginning of the path southward. There are great views of the planes that fly out of LAX over the Pacific throughout the beach path as you ride. The planes leave in several flight paths out of LAX over Dockweiler from the Northern most point down to the near the South near El Segundo Beach.

Playa Del Rey Beach Bike Path
Playa Del Rey Beach Bike Path Start with Plane View

Head right once over the bridge to continue on the bike path as it curves around to the Playa Del Rey and Dockweiler beach. Another route is to go straight on down the street - Pacific Avenue by the Del Rey Lagoon park and pick up the beach path by turning right on Culver Blvd and following a little path back to the main trail.

Ballona Creek Bridge

Once on the beach path through Playa Del Rey, if you did not put sunblock on, you should at the one of the concrete turn outs on the path. There is no shade and lots of sand, sun, and surf shining down on you as you ride the coast. The ride from Ballona Creek to Manhattan Beach is almost 5 miles in one direction. Be sure to bring sunblock, hats, and any other covering that you might need to protect your skin.

Dockweiler Beach Path
Dockweiler Beach Path

As you get down the path where the parking lots are located, there are more people on the beach and there are also fire pits here. This is the only beach location in LA County where you can have a fire on the beach. There are plenty of people bringing their tents and BBQs to enjoy the surf and sun and a good meal on the beautiful beach. Watch out for peds crossing over the bike path through this section to stake out a spot to camp out for the day.

Day Camping on Dockweiler

A little further South on the Bike Path, there are campers and RVs in the parking lot where long term camping is allowed. Watch out for slick sand on the path when biking and peds crossing to cool off in the surf while they are visiting the beach. Also of interest, you might want to stop off at one of the turn outs when you hear some jet engines approaching so you can view one of the jets take off from LAX out over the Pacific.

RV Portion of Dockweiler

As you get toward the end of the Playa Del Rey portion of the trail, you will pass by the Dockweiler Youth Center and the Hang Glider Take Off point into the wind. Continuing South towards El Segundo Beach, you will be close to Manhattan Beach and the end of this section of the beach path.

Hang Glider Flight Area

The final section is in front of the Chevron Plant at El Segundo Beach. There is a sign towards the beach portion that lets you know that El Segundo Beach is located here. This beach has some great surf here as confirmed by the number of surfers in the water here on any given day. It is also a great place to stop and watch the surf and enjoy the cool breeze before reaching the crowds at Manhattan Beach.

El Segundo Beach to Manhattan Beach

Playa Del Rey - El Segundo Bike Path

Playa del Rey Beach Path Map


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