Marina del Rey - Mother's Beach

Mother's Beach is located on Admirality Way between Via Marina and Palawan Way. The beach is inside the Marina keeping the water calm with no surf making it perfect for kids to swim in as they aren't being tossed around in the surf (safe for Mother's, hence the name) and ideal for launching a kayak or stand up paddle board into the calm water. If you didn't bring a kayak or paddle board, it is no problem as there are plenty to rent right on the beach or a short distance away within the marina. Boards can go for anywhere from $25 / hour to $45 / 2 hours, kayaks for $20 / hour to $35 / hour depending on the size which is decent considering that you don't have to purchase or haul the board or kayak with you down to the beach and then bring it back. You can get Group or Private lessons and there specials at different times during the week for rentals. You will be able to find a class for any level of instruction: from beginner on the flat water of the Marina to Workouts on Paddleboards. The Marina del Rey Outrigger Canoe Club practices at this beach so you may see many outrigger canoes paddling in if you are there at the right time of day.

Mothers BeachStand Up Paddle Boarding and Kayaking in the water at Mother's Beach

Marina del Rey Stand Up Paddle Boarding

After learning the basics of paddle boarding in the calm waters at Mother's Beach with a couple of lessons, you will be able to paddle out to the Marina from the beach. Boats always have the right of way in the Marina as it is easier for the Paddle Boarder to stop and avoid a collision than it is for the boat to stop. Also, when you go out, you will be wearing a small personal floatation device that resembles a thick belt with a cord that will inflate the device should you run into trouble on the water. Once in the Marina you will have great views of the boats, Fisherman's Village, sea lions, birds from nearby Ballona Creek, and more. I went to Paddle Method on Mother's Beach for my instruction on flat water stand up paddle boarding (Look for the White Tent on the beach across from the parking lot at Palawan Way). They offer lessons (both group and private) and rentals. Expert instruction is provided and tours and lessons may be booked online at The website also has rental rates and additional paddle boarding information. Reservations may also be made by phone (Call 310-770-7291 for Tim - owner of Paddle Method for rentals, lessons, or tours). They will get you up on a stand up paddle board within an hour!

Paddle Boarding in the MarinaStand Up Paddle Boarding in the Marina

Launch Areas and Kayaks at Mother's BeachKayaks at Mother's Beach

Picnics and Parties - The beach area has picnic shelters with BBQs, picnic tables and benches under the structure making it the perfect place to cook a freshly BBQ'd beachside lunch or afternoon cookout for family and friends. It makes it a great place to have a party, especially for kids. Everyone can eat under the structures on the benches and then go and play on the sand, play volleyball, dig sand castles, or go for a swim.

Picnic Structures at Mother's Beach
Picnic Structures at Mother's Beach

Swimming at Mother's Beach
Swimming at Mother's Beach

Mothers Beach View - Lifeguard Station & Picnic AreaLifeguard Station & Picnic Area

Parking - The main parking lot is located at 4101 Admiralty Way off of Washington Blvd between Palawan and Via Marina. Parking fee is $10.00 in the summer to park or $8.00 in the winter. An additional lot on Panay Way on the side for the same rate. There is another lot near Killer Shrimp on Palawan Way which is Pay By Space - $0.25 for 15 minutes or $8.00 max in the summer or $6.00 max in the winter months.


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