Point Dume State Beach

Point Dume Beach is adjacent to Zuma Beach in Malibu. Instead of parking at Zuma, when you turn off PCH, you take Westward Beach Road to the end and either park for free along the street (along what is known as "Free Zuma" and walk towards Point Dume or drive to the Pay and Display Kiosk and pay the attendant $10.00 (or if closed, go to the stand alone kiosks and pay for your parking pass with a card or cash) and go park in the lot about a half mile in from the entrance. There are no concessions at this beach. There are restrooms in the 3 structures near the parking lots, however they are only open on weekends and on holidays. The next closest restrooms are along Westward Beach Road where "Free Zuma" is located or the structure at the bend in the road near Zuma Lagoon. This building is outside of the Point Dume parking area (where Westward Beach Rd turns right to take you back out to PCH) with changing rooms, restrooms, and showers, and water fountains. You can at least stop off there before heading up or leaving Pt Dume - that is if you can find parking on Westward Beach Rd and on a busy summer day, it may be tough. Also, dogs are not allowed at this beach or any part of Point Dume. Fires are absolutely not allowed here either. All of this being said, there are a tremendous amount of great reasons to visit this great beach.

Point Dume Bluffs

Besides having a great, peaceful, quieter beach in Malibu to walk on, this State Beach is also part of the Point Dume Preserve. It has accessible hiking trails up to the bluffs above the beach where there are spectacular views of the ocean. The bluffs are a great spot to check out migrating whales from November through the Spring and to check out dolphins or seals cruising up and down the coast and playing in the ocean or as in the picture below, sitting out on the rocks. There is also plenty of wildlife on the bluff trails, too. There are lizards, ground squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, and birds such as plovers, wrens, roadrunners, and pelicans in the area. Watch out for snakes and skunks while hiking in the area. Be aware that while the trails are well maintained, some of the trails can get pretty steep so wear proper shoes for support on the trails and bring Tevas or water shoes for an adventure at Pirates Cove and the tide pools in Dume Cove along the wet rocks on the beach.

Sea Lion at Pirates Cove
Ocean View of the rocks from Pirates Cove - Sea Lion on the left rock

Sea Lion on the Rocks
Closeup of Sea Lion from the above Pic

If you follow the trails in the Point Dume Preserve and follow the sign to the tide pools and take the staircase from the bluffs down to the East side of Point Dume, you can reach the secluded beach of Dume Cove. The staircase can be a little intimdating, but it is short so just watch your footing. There are tide pools located here with anemones, sea urchins, crabs, and mussels. Be sure not to touch any of the rocks or animals in the tide pools so as not to disturb their home. It is a charming little private adventure to get to it and see the pools. Stay a while and head over to the section of white sand beach, if you have the time. It is well worth the hike down.

Tide Pool Stairs
Point Dume Stairs to Tide Pools

Dume Cove View
View of Dume Cove from the Point Dume trail

On the West side of Point Dume, rock climbers make use of the slab wall by setting up their equipment to top rope with harnesses and try their skills here. If you continue around the corner of the slab wall and past the rocks covered with mussels, you will find a small, secluded section of beach known as Pirates Cove. The bluffs here have caves and other interesting rock formations to explore and climb on and a great place to take a dip in the beautiful crystal, blue water. Point Dume is also a great place to launch out on a kayak to enjoy the water, too.

Rock Climbing at Point Dume
Rock Climbers at Point Dume

View of Cliffs at Pirates Cove
View of Cliffs at Pirates Cove


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