Malibu - La Piedra State Beach

La Piedra Beach Location - La Piedra State Beach is located just North of Zuma on Pacific Coast Highway between El Matador and El Pescador State Beaches. The entrance to the parking lot is on Pacific Coast Hwy between Encinal Canyon Rd to the South and Decker Canyon Road on the North. The parking lot is small but fortunately, this beach has lighter crowds than El Matador Beach and much less of a crowd than Zuma. The fee to park in the lot is $8.00 and permit is valid until sunset. The machine that issues the parking permits takes coins, dollars, and credit cards. You may park for free on the North bound side of PCH - on the North side of the No Parking Anytime sign (it has an arrow pointing to the South only in the direction of Encinal Canyon Road). The down side of the Free parking is that you will have to cross PCH.

La Piedra Trail Head
La Piedra Beach Trail Start Point


The parking lot at La Piedra is located on the bluffs above the beach. There are a couple of picnic tables and 1 port-a-potty near the parking lot. There are no showers and no places to change clothes. Also, there are no concession stands in the area. The trail to get down the bluffs to the beach is located by the signs informing you of what you cannot do on the beach (see pic above for the sign) on the side of the parking lot near the parking permit machine. From the starting point, head down the trail looking for the wooden steps to get down the bluff. The last part of the climb will require some minor rock climbing skill to navigate down to the beach.

La Piedra Beach Trail
Trail to La Piedra Beach

La Piedra Beach
La Piedra Trail Steps Down to the Beach

Once down the cliff and on the beach, there are many rocks and tide pools to explore. There is also plenty of soft sand to set your beach blanket on and enjoy the gentle waves roll in. Bring Tevas or athletic shoes if you want to crawl around on the rocks to protect your feet. Be careful to not disturb any ocean life that you find on the rocks or tide pools.

La Piedra Tide Pool


La Piedra MussellsYou can take a nice stroll from the South side of La Piedra to the North end where you will find El Pescador State Beach. There are many interesting rock formations and ocean life to enjoy when visiting this beach.



La Piedra Beach Walk
La Piedra Beach Walk


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