Long Beach Bike Path

The Long Beach Bicycle Path runs from Belmont Shore through Cherry Beach to Alamitos Beach to Shoreline village and is about a one way distance of 4.4 miles from 54 th Street or a total of 8.8 miles round trip. There are options to take additional paths out and around the Long Beach area as well to make the trip well worth your time! Alfredo's Beach Club has several locations along the beach path and rents skates at $7 / hour, bikes - $10/hour or $25 per day. There are are also additional places to rent bikes at Shoreline Village. To start from the furthest point, park at BayShore Park at 5415 East Ocean Blvd in Long Beach - where Ocean Blvd meets 54th Place to start the ride.

Long Beach Harbor
Queen Mary View from Shoreline Village

The Long Beach Bike Path takes you from the parking lot out to the sand and ocean where you will ride a fairly flat path where you can enjoy the breeze and sun. The path passes through Belmont Plaza and by the Belmont Pier and continues on all the way to Shoreline Village and on to the peninsula where it ends with a view of the ocean and Grissom - one of the man-made islands in the harbor.

Beach Bike Path from Bayshore Park
Beach Bike Path from Bayshore Park to Shoreline Village

Additional bike paths extending from the beach bike path begin from the path turn off up to E. Shoreline Drive. Continue across the street to another bike path around Rainbow Lagoon Park (the red line on the map below). Continue on Shoreline Drive on the path until Chestnut Place where you will cross the street and continue on. The path follows the street which will turn into Golden Shore Drive and drop you into the Shoreline Aquatic Park where the Aquarium of the Pacific is located. The Pike is also nearby.

To continue on to the Queen Mary, at the end of the path and Golden Shore, there is a set of steps that will take you to the next bike path along Queens Way (in green on the map below). You can continue on across the bridge along the path where it will end at Queensway Drive. From there, you can ride on the street through Harry Bridges Memorial Park to the Queen Mary.

Long Beach Bike Paths
Additional Paths to Queen Mary and Shoreline Aquatic Park


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