Hermosa Beach Pier

Hermosa Pier is a nice place to take a stroll out over the ocean and enjoy the views of the open water and the beach or bring a rod and reel with some bait and tackle and go fishing or take a seat on one of the benches on the pier and take in the scenery. Also, no animals are allowed on the pier on or off leash, no bicycles, no skateboards, and no scooters. There are no restaurants on the pier itself, however there are plenty of places to eat at 1 Pier Avenue and the Strand. The Lighthouse Cafe, Hennessey's, Waterman's, and Zeppy's Pizza to name a few of the places to get something to eat. Pier Surf, a local surf and skate shop, is also at the base of the pier for your surfing and retail needs.

View of Hermosa Pier to En
View of Hermosa Pier to End

Hermosa Pier towards Redondo Beach
Hermosa Pier View towards Redondo Beach


As you pass the Surfer statue at the head of the pier, you will also pass by the Lifeguard Operations center on the South side of the pier. There are signs indicating the current water and air temps as well as High and Low Tide and any information about surf conditions - cautions, etc. As you continue out onto the pier, there isn't much to do on it, but there is plenty to see, especially on a clear day. You can see the Manhattan Beach Pier to the North and the Palos Verdes peninsula to the South along with the beautiful sand and waves of Hermosa Beach.

View from Hermosa Pier towards 1 Pier AvenueView from Hermosa Pier towards 1 Pier Avenue

Fishing is permitted on Hermosa Pier. You do not need a Fishing License to fish off of this Public Pier. The Pier extends 1140 feet out into the ocean. Fish caught at this pier include: halibut, Pacific butterfish, sargo, Pacific mackerel, jack mackerel, and Pacific sardine, bonito, yellowtail, white seabass, and California halibut to name a few. There are no bait shops located close to the Hermosa Pier. The pier is open from 6 am - 10 pm.

Fishing on Hermosa Pier
Fishing on Hermosa Pier

There are engraved bronze plaques embedded in the pier with information about the surfers who are inducted into the Surfer's Walk of Fame. To celebrate Hermosa's strong surfing tradition and heritage, the Surfer's Walk of Fame was created in 2003 and surfers are inducted into it each year thanks to the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce.

View of Surfers Walk Of Fame on the Pier and the Beach Below
View of Surfers Walk Of Fame on the Pier and the Beach Below


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