El Segundo Beach

El Segundo Beach is between the Southern end of Playa Del Rey just North of Grand Avenue where the parking lot is located off of Vista Del Mar and to the South at 45th Street at the North end of Manhattan Beach's El Porto beach area. There are permanent beach restroom facilities and a lifeguard lookout tower adjacent to the parking lot but no concession stands at this beach. Parking is Pay and Display and run by L.A. County - just pay at the automated meter and display the pass on your dashboard. Parking is between $4.00 - $13.00 depending on your stay.

El Segundo Towards South
View of El Segundo Beach South towards Redondo

El Segundo Beach does have Volleyball nets set up if you want to get a game together. Also, it is adjacent to the bike path so if you have bikes or rollerblades with you, it is less than 1 mile to get to Manhattan Beach to the South where there is a place to eat called the Surf Food Stand. To the North, it is just a short walk to the Dockweiler Youth Center and the bluff where Windsports provides Hang Gliding lessons.

El Segundo Parking and Volleyball Nets
View of Grand Ave parking and Volleyball nets at El Segundo Beach

The beach has some interesting rocks along the bike path and some nice waves coming in to enjoy. It is a good quiet beach to enjoy without the normal crowds seen at Manhattan Beach or some other beach locations during the summer. Towards the South part of the beach near El Porto, you can find surfers in the water enjoying the surf.

El Segundo Beach Lifeguard Tower and Restrooms
Lifeguard Tower and New Restroom Facilities (Credit M. Tagle @elsegundo.org)

The new permament restroom facilities and outdoor rinse station at El Segundo Beach are located at the base of a new lifeguard lookout tower. The lifeguard facility stores equipment for LA County's Liefguard's Junior Guard Program and lifeguard trucks and equipment are also stored here. These facilities make really nice additions to a pretty beach.

El Segundo Beach Restroom Facilities
Alternate View - Lifeguard Tower Storage and New Restroom Facilities
(Credit M. Tagle @elsegundo.org)

El Segundo Beach View To North
El Segundo Beach looking North towards Dockweiler

El Segundo Beach Sign

El Segundo Beach Map

Map of El Segundo Beach


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