Newport Balboa Bike Path

The Newport Balboa Bike Path starts at the Santa Ana River in the North and proceeds through Newport Beach along the waterfront past the Newport Pier and the Balboa Pier all the way to the end just past E Street in Newport Beach. To continue to the end of the peninsula, you could turn up on E Street and take Balboa Blvd to the end where it curves into Channel Road. There is a cute park at the end called Jetty View Park with benches where you can watch boats coming and going out of Newport Bay. The best places to stop off for a nice lunch are the Newport Pier and\or Balboa Pier. The Balboa Pier has a Ruby's Diner at the end of it and it also has a boardwalk adjacent to it with lots of eateries. The Newport Pier also has many places to dine nearby as well. There are a few firepits that remain next to the Balboa Pier, but most have been removed as voted on by Newport Beach City Council. Also, no dogs are allowed at the beach between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:30 pm.

Santa Ana River Trail to Newport

Parking for the bike path is available near the Newport Pier at Balboa Blvd. and 21st Street or at the Balboa Pier at Balboa Blvd and Palm Street. Parking is $0.50 for 20 minutes with a $15.00 per day maximum. Another alternative is to park in nearby Costa Mesa at one of the local parks for free and ride over to the Santa Ana River trail bike path which will take you directly to Pacific Coast Hwy and drop you precisely on the border of Newport Beach and Huntington Beach. In the picture above, the palm trees to the left of the rider in the distance is where Newport Beach is located. When you come out onto PCH, you will see the sign across the street that says "Welcome to Newport Beach". Look to the North and the green highway sign stating "Huntington Beach" is also right here.

Newport Beach Sign

The trail from PCH and the Santa Ana River down to where the trail ends is just over 4.5 miles. Be aware that the speed limit along the path is 8 miles per hour as there have been problems with riders and pedestrians on the path and on the streets. The Newport Beach Police Department strictly enforces this policy.

Pedaling along PCH, you can turn on Orange Street to Seashore Drive where the Bike Lane continues. You will be travelling on a one-way street just a little ways from the beach.

Newport Balboa Bike Path along Seashore DriveNewport Balboa Bike Path along Seashore Drive

Turn right on 36th Street and this is where the Beach Bike path starts on the sand with ocean views. You should be able to see the Newport Pier in the distance as you ride South.

Newport Balboa Bike Path along Newport BeachNewport Balboa Bike Path along Newport Beach

Once near the pier, you can walk your bike near the shops, eateries, and taverns or ride through the lot to McFadden Plaza and park your bike there if you want to walk around.

Bike Parking at Newport PierPlenty of Bicycle Parking at Newport Pier

Continuing South of Newport Pier, you will pass by more expensive beach houses that sit along the beach bike path. There are turn outs that extend out into the sand if you want to park your bike and go down to the surf for a bit.

Path along Newport Municipal BeachPath along Newport Municipal Beach

As you reach Balboa Pier, the path will change from beach houses to small businesses in a beautiful plaza. If you stop, you will see Peninsula Park - a lovely patch of grass near the ocean. You can park your bike here in the park plaza and enjoy this pier or continue on down the peninsula to the bike path's end.

Balboa Bike Path SectionBalboa Bike Path Section

Newport Balboa Bike Path Map

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