Huntington State Beach Bike Path

The Huntgton State Beach Bike Path section is a short, scenic multi-use trail along the sand. There is plenty of parking at the beach in the parking lots off of PCH between the Santa Ana River trail (around Brookhurst) up to Beach Blvd. The fee to park in the lot for the State Beach is $15.00 - a day use fee during summer, $10.00 from October to March. If you are biking in off of the Santa Ana River Bike Path, you can go from the path up to PCH, cross over the bridge, and bike back down on the other side and under PCH to catch the beginning of the trail near the Ecological Reserve for the California Least Tern and Snowy Plover. There are plenty of restrooms along the path, too. Wear sunblock as there is no shade out on this path.

Santa Ana River Trail - PCH View and HB BehindSanta Ana River Trail - PCH View and HB Behind

Entrance on PCH Back Down to Trail and HB Bike Path Start at Santa Ana RiverEntrance on PCH Back Down to Trail and HB Bike Path Start at Santa Ana River

If you do not own a bike or feel like bringing your own down to the beach, you can rent from one of the 3 locations of Babes Cafe and Rentals along the path. You can rent a nice Beach Cruiser bike there or a Single Surrey or Double Surrey. The Surreys are pretty heavy and will take 2 people to pedal and drive down the path - but you will get an excellent work out in on one of these!

HB Rentals & ConcessionsRentals and Concessions

Surreys for Rent at Huntington BeachSurreys for Rent at Huntington Beach

The path is just 2 miles long and seamlessly transitions into the Huntington City Beach Bike path section. You can either turn around at Beach Blvd., or continue on a bit to get to the Huntington Beach Pier and see what is happening there - on any weekend in the summer, there is usually some kind of event (surfing, art fest, etc.) to go check out.

Biking and Rollerblading at HB State BeachBiking and Rollerblading in HB State Beach

HB State Beach Bike Path Map

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