Bolsa Chica Beach Bike Path

The Bolsa Chica section of the Huntington Beach Bike Path is located between Seapoint Street on the South and Warner Avenue on the North through Bolsa Chica State Beach. This part of the trail is almost 3 miles long. The path is a Multi Use Trail to be enjoyed by pedestrians and cyclists. Keep a close eye out when riding for people crossing over to get to the beach and back to their cars in the parking lots. There are plenty of restrooms along the trail. There are several Bolsa Cafe concession stands, if you need to stop and get something to eat or drink. If you want to rent a bike or a surrey, you can also rent them from the Bolsa Cafe & Rentals spots. They also rent surf boards, too.

Bolsa Chica Multi-Use Trail SectionBolsa Chica Multi-Use Trail Section

The South part of the bike path is relatively sand free for the whole trip. The pavement after Seapoint Street towards the bridge that crosses over Bolsa Bay bridge is a little rougher than the Multi Use section where the parking lots at Bolsa are and there is a nice view of the ocean, but not much else through this section. The Multi-Use section of the path is busy with people getting their BBQ, boards, towels, and coolers out to enjoy a nice lunch on the beach next to one of the 200 firepits here. Lots of people will rent a bike or surrey or just bike a little ways up the path. Others, such as myself, will continue on towards Sunset Beach and turn around and head back to Huntington Beach where I parked the car.

Bolsa Chica Bike Path Towards Huntington BeachBolsa Chica Bike Path Towards Huntington Beach

Bolsa Chica is a quieter beach than Huntington Beach (both the City beach and the State beach). You won't have any trouble with huge crowds here and you can enjoy a great view on your ride and even stop, lock up the bikes and take a dip in the ocean for a bit. Apply plenty of sunscreen or reapply if you rode from Huntington Beach as you may discover a bit of a sunburn on your face, arms, and legs after riding on this beautiful, but shadeless, ride - as I discovered the last time I rode it.

Bolsa Chica RentalsBolsa Chica Cafe & Rentals - Plenty of Surreys Ready to Go

Parking at Bolsa Chica Beach is plentiful with numerous large lots connected to one another all along the beach. The entrance is located at a lone stop light with no sign between Seapoint Street and Warner Avenue - across the street from the little parking lot for the Bolsa Chica Ecological Preserve. If travelling North bound on PCH, you will be making a left into the entrance, if travelling South, stay to the right to get into the right hand turn lane.

Bolsa Bike Path CruisingCruising Through Bolsa Chica State Beach Bike Path

Bolsa Chica Path BridgeBolsa Chica Path Bridge

Bolsa Chica bike Path Map

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